Elevator Modernization

If your elevator equipment breaks often, looks too old, or does not comply with current codes, it might be time to modernize it. By modernizing your elevator equipment, you will improve the performance, appearance and safety of riding people, also new elevator equipment keep older buildings competitive with new towers and increases the value of your property. That is why, elevator upgrades are considered a good investment, which provides a good return.

South Florida Elevator Services Corp. specializes in elevator upgrades and modernization. If you are looking to make a few cosmetic changes or you desire to completely remove and/or replace the elevator interior and/or equipment. SFES Corp can provide you with a full elevator upgrade or modernization saving money to invest on some other projects at your convenience.

Capital elevator modifications usually occurs every 25 to 30 years; therefore, choosing the right company to do the right job. Once a full assessment of your elevator equipment has been performed, SFES Corp will develop a detailed analysis and make recommendations necessary for the scope of work of what you should include in your modernization project. As a result of our acquired expertise having managed multi-thousand dollar modernization projects, we have the knowledge and experience to perform the job on time and within budget.

Elevator Repair

Our technicians will diagnose the problem and repair your elevator in an efficient and cost-effective manner. At South Florida Elevator Service Corp., we realize that any downtime for your vertical transportation equipment is inconvenient; therefore, we will do our best to reduce it as much as possible. We keep an inventory of the most common replacement parts on hand at all times, including holidays. If we don’t have a part necessary to make a repair, we will be able to obtain most elevator parts the same day or overnight. Our top priority is to minimize downtime and get your elevator back in a safe working condition as quickly as possible.

Should you call SFES Corp during regular business hours (Monday to Friday, 8 AM – 4:30 PM), you will speak to a professional customer representative, you will never get transferred to an automated phone menu or be sent to an out-of- town call center. We will assist you with emergency elevator service 24/7. If you call with an emergency after hours during the week or on weekends, your call will be forwarded to a manager immediately and you will receive a call back within minutes.

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